CTRE_Phoenix  5.19.4
com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.MagnetFieldStrength Enum Reference

Public Member Functions

 MagnetFieldStrength (int initValue)

Static Public Member Functions

 [static initializer]
static MagnetFieldStrength valueOf (int value)

Public Attributes

 Invalid_Unknown =(0)
 BadRange_RedLED =(1)
 Adequate_OrangeLED =(2)
 Good_GreenLED =(3)
final int value

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ MagnetFieldStrength()

com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.MagnetFieldStrength.MagnetFieldStrength ( int  initValue)

Create MagnetFieldStrength of initValue

initValueValue of MagnetFieldStrength

Member Function Documentation

◆ [static initializer]()

com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.MagnetFieldStrength.[static initializer] ( )

static c'tor, prepare the map

◆ valueOf()

static MagnetFieldStrength com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.MagnetFieldStrength.valueOf ( int  value)

public lookup to convert int to enum

Member Data Documentation

◆ Adequate_OrangeLED

com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.MagnetFieldStrength.Adequate_OrangeLED =(2)

Magnet field is adequate, sensor can be used in this range with slightly reduced accuracy.

◆ BadRange_RedLED

com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.MagnetFieldStrength.BadRange_RedLED =(1)

Magnet field is far too low (too far) or far too high (too close).

◆ Good_GreenLED

com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.MagnetFieldStrength.Good_GreenLED =(3)

Magnet field is ideal

◆ Invalid_Unknown

com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.MagnetFieldStrength.Invalid_Unknown =(0)

Magnet Field strength cannot be determined

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