CTRE_Phoenix  5.19.4
com.ctre.phoenix.CANifierControlFrame Enum Reference

Public Member Functions

 CANifierControlFrame (int initValue)

Static Public Member Functions

static CANifierControlFrame valueOf (int value)

Public Attributes

 Control_1_General =(0x040000)
 Control_2_PwmOutput =(0x040040)
final int value

Detailed Description

Control Frames for CANifier

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ CANifierControlFrame()

com.ctre.phoenix.CANifierControlFrame.CANifierControlFrame ( int  initValue)

Create CANifier control frame of initValue

initValueCANifier Control Frame value

Member Function Documentation

◆ valueOf()

static CANifierControlFrame com.ctre.phoenix.CANifierControlFrame.valueOf ( int  value)

CANifier Control Frame of specified value

valueValue of CANifier Control Frame
CANifier control frame of specified value

Member Data Documentation

◆ Control_1_General

com.ctre.phoenix.CANifierControlFrame.Control_1_General =(0x040000)

CANifier General control

◆ Control_2_PwmOutput

com.ctre.phoenix.CANifierControlFrame.Control_2_PwmOutput =(0x040040)

CANifier PWM outputs

◆ value

final int com.ctre.phoenix.CANifierControlFrame.value

Value of CANifier control frame

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