CTRE_Phoenix  5.19.4
com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.CANCoderFaults Class Reference

Public Member Functions

boolean hasAnyFault ()
int toBitfield ()
void update (int bits)

Public Attributes

boolean HardwareFault
boolean APIError
boolean UnderVoltage
boolean ResetDuringEn
boolean MagnetTooWeak

Detailed Description

Faults available to CANCoder (Currently has none)

Member Function Documentation

◆ hasAnyFault()

boolean com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.CANCoderFaults.hasAnyFault ( )
true if any faults are tripped

◆ toBitfield()

int com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.CANCoderFaults.toBitfield ( )
Current fault list as a bit field

◆ update()

void com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.CANCoderFaults.update ( int  bits)

Updates current fault list with specified bit field of faults

bitsbit field of faults to update with

Member Data Documentation

◆ APIError

boolean com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.CANCoderFaults.APIError

API error detected. Make sure API and firmware versions are compatible.

◆ HardwareFault

boolean com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.CANCoderFaults.HardwareFault

Device detects hardware failure

◆ MagnetTooWeak

boolean com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.CANCoderFaults.MagnetTooWeak

Magnet strength is too weak to provide reliable results Make sure CANCoder is close to the magnet being used

◆ ResetDuringEn

boolean com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.CANCoderFaults.ResetDuringEn

Device was powered-on or reset while robot is enabled. Check your breakers and wiring.

◆ UnderVoltage

boolean com.ctre.phoenix.sensors.CANCoderFaults.UnderVoltage

Device is under 6.5V

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