CTRE_Phoenix  5.19.4
com.ctre.phoenix.motion.TrajectoryPoint Class Reference

Public Attributes

double position = 0
double velocity = 0
double arbFeedFwd = 0
double headingDeg = 0
double auxiliaryPos = 0
double auxiliaryVel = 0
double auxiliaryArbFeedFwd = 0
int profileSlotSelect0 = 0
int profileSlotSelect1 = 0
boolean isLastPoint = false
boolean zeroPos = false
int timeDur = 0
boolean useAuxPID = false

Detailed Description

Motion Profile Trajectory Point This is simply a data transfer object.

Member Data Documentation

◆ arbFeedFwd

double com.ctre.phoenix.motion.TrajectoryPoint.arbFeedFwd = 0

Added to the output of PID[0], should be within [-1,+1] where 0.01 = 1%.

◆ auxiliaryArbFeedFwd

double com.ctre.phoenix.motion.TrajectoryPoint.auxiliaryArbFeedFwd = 0

Added to the output of PID[1], should be within [-1,+1] where 0.01 = 1%.

◆ auxiliaryPos

double com.ctre.phoenix.motion.TrajectoryPoint.auxiliaryPos = 0

The position for auxiliary PID[1] to target (in sensor units).

◆ auxiliaryVel

double com.ctre.phoenix.motion.TrajectoryPoint.auxiliaryVel = 0

The velocity for auxiliary PID[1] to target. (in sensor-units per 100ms).

◆ headingDeg

double com.ctre.phoenix.motion.TrajectoryPoint.headingDeg = 0

Not used. Use auxiliaryPos instead.

See also

◆ isLastPoint

boolean com.ctre.phoenix.motion.TrajectoryPoint.isLastPoint = false

Set to true to signal Talon that this is the final point, so do not attempt to pop another trajectory point from out of the Talon buffer. Instead continue processing this way point. Typically the velocity member variable should be zero so that the motor doesn't spin indefinitely.

◆ position

double com.ctre.phoenix.motion.TrajectoryPoint.position = 0

The position to servo to (in sensor units).

◆ profileSlotSelect0

int com.ctre.phoenix.motion.TrajectoryPoint.profileSlotSelect0 = 0

Which slot to get PIDF gains. PID is used for position servo. F is used as the Kv constant for velocity feed-forward. Typically this is hard-coded to a particular slot, but you are free to gain schedule if need be. Choose from [0,3]

◆ profileSlotSelect1

int com.ctre.phoenix.motion.TrajectoryPoint.profileSlotSelect1 = 0

Which slot to get PIDF gains for auxiliary PId. This only has impact during MotionProfileArc Control mode. Choose from [0,3].

◆ timeDur

int com.ctre.phoenix.motion.TrajectoryPoint.timeDur = 0

Duration (ms) to apply this trajectory pt. This time unit is ADDED to the existing base time set by ConfigMotionProfileTrajectoryPeriod().

◆ useAuxPID

boolean com.ctre.phoenix.motion.TrajectoryPoint.useAuxPID = false

If using MotionProfileArc, this flag must be true on all points. If using MotionProfile, this flag must be false on all points.

◆ velocity

double com.ctre.phoenix.motion.TrajectoryPoint.velocity = 0

The velocity to feed-forward (in sensor-units per 100ms).

◆ zeroPos

boolean com.ctre.phoenix.motion.TrajectoryPoint.zeroPos = false

Set to true to signal Talon to zero the selected sensor. When generating MPs, one simple method is to make the first target position zero, and the final target position the target distance from the current position. Then when you fire the MP, the current position gets set to zero. If this is the intent, you can set zeroPos on the first trajectory point.

Otherwise you can leave this false for all points, and offset the positions of all trajectory points so they are correct.

If using multiple sensor sources (Arc modes) we recommend you manually set sensor positions before arming MP, instead of using this feature.

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