CTRE_Phoenix  5.19.4
ctre::phoenix::motorcontrol::SupplyCurrentLimitConfiguration Struct Reference

#include <SupplyCurrentLimitConfiguration.h>

Public Member Functions

 SupplyCurrentLimitConfiguration ()
 SupplyCurrentLimitConfiguration (bool enable, double currentLimit, double triggerThresholdCurrent, double triggerThresholdTime)
 SupplyCurrentLimitConfiguration (const double *doubleArray, int doubleArraySz)
std::string ToString () const
std::vector< double > ToArray () const
void Deserialize (const double *doubles, int doubleCnt)
bool Equals (const SupplyCurrentLimitConfiguration &rhs) const

Public Attributes

bool enable = false
double currentLimit = 0
double triggerThresholdCurrent = 0
double triggerThresholdTime = 0

Detailed Description

Describes the desired stator current limiting behavior.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

◆ SupplyCurrentLimitConfiguration()

ctre::phoenix::motorcontrol::SupplyCurrentLimitConfiguration::SupplyCurrentLimitConfiguration ( )

Default c'tor. Because currentLimit is zero, limiting is disabled.

Member Function Documentation

◆ ToString()

std::string ctre::phoenix::motorcontrol::SupplyCurrentLimitConfiguration::ToString ( ) const
string representation of current faults tripped

Member Data Documentation

◆ currentLimit

double ctre::phoenix::motorcontrol::SupplyCurrentLimitConfiguration::currentLimit = 0

The "holding" current (amperes) to limit to when feature is activated.

◆ enable

bool ctre::phoenix::motorcontrol::SupplyCurrentLimitConfiguration::enable = false

True/False to enable/disable limit feature.

◆ triggerThresholdCurrent

double ctre::phoenix::motorcontrol::SupplyCurrentLimitConfiguration::triggerThresholdCurrent = 0

Current must exceed this threshold (amperes) before limiting occurs. If this value is less than currentLimit, then currentLimit is used as the threshold.

◆ triggerThresholdTime

double ctre::phoenix::motorcontrol::SupplyCurrentLimitConfiguration::triggerThresholdTime = 0

How long current must exceed threshold (seconds) before limiting occurs.

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