CTRE_Phoenix  5.19.4
ctre::phoenix::motion::MotionProfileStatus Struct Reference

#include <MotionProfileStatus.h>

Public Attributes

size_t topBufferRem
size_t topBufferCnt
int btmBufferCnt
bool hasUnderrun
bool isUnderrun
bool activePointValid
bool isLast
int profileSlotSelect0
int profileSlotSelect1
ctre::phoenix::motion::SetValueMotionProfile outputEnable
int timeDurMs

Detailed Description

Motion Profile Status This is simply a data transer object.

Member Data Documentation

◆ activePointValid

bool ctre::phoenix::motion::MotionProfileStatus::activePointValid

True if the active trajectory point is not empty, false otherwise. The members in activePoint are only valid if this signal is set.

◆ btmBufferCnt

int ctre::phoenix::motion::MotionProfileStatus::btmBufferCnt

The number of points in the low level Talon/Victor buffer.

◆ hasUnderrun

bool ctre::phoenix::motion::MotionProfileStatus::hasUnderrun

Set if isUnderrun ever gets set. Can be manually cleared by ClearMotionProfileHasUnderrun() or automatically cleared by StartMotionProfile().

See also

◆ isLast

bool ctre::phoenix::motion::MotionProfileStatus::isLast

True if the active trajectory point is the last point of the profile

◆ isUnderrun

bool ctre::phoenix::motion::MotionProfileStatus::isUnderrun

This is set if Talon/Victor needs to shift a point from its buffer into the active trajectory point however the buffer is empty. This gets cleared automatically when is resolved.

◆ outputEnable

ctre::phoenix::motion::SetValueMotionProfile ctre::phoenix::motion::MotionProfileStatus::outputEnable

The current output mode of the motion profile executer (disabled, enabled, or hold). When changing the set() value in MP mode, it's important to check this signal to confirm the change takes effect before interacting with the top buffer.

◆ profileSlotSelect0

int ctre::phoenix::motion::MotionProfileStatus::profileSlotSelect0

The selected PID[0] profile slot of current profile

◆ profileSlotSelect1

int ctre::phoenix::motion::MotionProfileStatus::profileSlotSelect1

The selected auxiliary PID[1] profile slot of current profile

◆ timeDurMs

int ctre::phoenix::motion::MotionProfileStatus::timeDurMs

The applied duration of the active trajectory point

◆ topBufferCnt

size_t ctre::phoenix::motion::MotionProfileStatus::topBufferCnt

The number of points in the top trajectory buffer.

◆ topBufferRem

size_t ctre::phoenix::motion::MotionProfileStatus::topBufferRem

The available empty slots in the trajectory buffer.

The robot API holds a "top buffer" of trajectory points, so your applicaion can dump several points at once. The API will then stream them into the Talon's low-level buffer, allowing the Talon to act on them.

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